Cooking with Shining Mountain Health & Wellness

Jeremy Wade Shockley | The Southern Ute Drum

Lisa Smith, Dietician for Shining Mountain Health and Wellness partnered with Deanna Frost, the Southern Ute Tribe’s Food Distribution Program Director to host the second installment in a video series highlighting culinary ideas, nutrition and cooking techniques in the Food Distribution’s kitchen.

Deanna Frost and Lisa Smith discuss the importance of whole grains, and the foods which they are often found. Together, they prepared a simple trail mix using items made available to the community through the Southern Ute Food Distribution program in Ignacio.

Smith emphasized the importance of reading the ingredients and understanding food labels in order to differentiate between whole grains and those that have been processed and milled, which are not as nutritious as their whole grain counterparts. She used pastas, oats, flour and cereals as prime examples of pantry items which could be made with either refined grains or whole grains.

WATCH THE FULL VIDEO ONLINE: Cooking with Food Distribution: Part II

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