What is E.L.K.S.?


ELKS stands for Environmental Leadership and Knowledge Seminar. ELKS is a program created by the Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s (SUIT) Environmental Programs Division (EPD).

It is dedicated to creating a pathway to environmental awareness by educating tribal membership youth of environmental issues and processes through hands-on demonstrations and field trips.

ELKS will educate the young tribal members of the community so that they will know how important the environment is, and how the tribe’s EPD is protecting the environment.

Educating the youth on the importance of the environment is crucial to the longevity and sustainability of the tribe’s natural resources just as Leonard C. Burch advocated for the tribe’s water rights with the Animas-La Plata Project.

“I invite anyone who believes that one man can’t make a difference to take a drive southeast of Durango and witness what Leonard Burch helped create.” – Former Colorado U.S. Senator, Ben Nighthorse Campbell


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