Tribe gives thanks to Jody Rosier

Jody Rosier worked four years in the Southern Finance Department. She will continue her career in Union, WA.
Photo Credit: Damon Toledo | The Southern Ute Drum

Jody Rosier from the Southern Ute Finance Department parted ways with the Tribe on Friday, Feb. 13 after working with the community for four years. Rosier started working for the Tribe in August 2011 and has seen opportunities as a grant writer and acting grants manager. Rosier states that her work with tribal nations will continue as she will be relocating to Union WA, bringing her skills to the Skokomish Tribe as their new Community Development Director.  Throughout her years with the Tribe, Rosier obtained fifteen new grants while in the position as grant writer, which totaled about $5.6 million. Staff and friends said that Jody will truly be missed as she continues her career in the Northwest.

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