New Year’s Sobriety Walk




2015 New Year Sobriety Walk 

The New Year Sobriety Walk is dedicated to Saa-swanis Hiswaqs (Robert) Buckskin. Many of you have felt his generosity, thoughtfulness and pursuit of justice for Native people. He sought to unite Natives together to strengthen our culture, ceremonies, protect our resources and walk the Red Road with courage. His life and memory live in us, his family and his friends. All the qualities that made him a strong warrior will linger on in our hearts.

We survive as Native people because our ancestors fought and died for us. They lived through countless difficulties, famine, plague, removal from their lands, boarding schools and forced assimilation. They protected our ceremonies, our lands and our future with their lives. We survive because their spirits could not be broken. In a continuously changing world Natives have been able to adapt throughout the generations. Each of us is a warrior and every warrior has a purpose in this life. Make a difference, your voice matters, be the difference in someone’s life.

Join us on the Walk to honor our survival and to start the year off on the right foot.

The walk will start at Veteran’s Park at 8AM on January 1st and will be four miles. The route will be from Veteran’s Park to the softball fields then to Buck Highway. From Buck highway, we will walk to HWY 151 by the old elementary school then proceed to main street.

Next, we will walk through town back to the Veteran’s Park. We will be offering prayers at each mile. Please come join us and start the New Year in a Healthy way by refraining from the usage of drugs, alcohol, or any other substance abuse. This is a sobriety walk.

For any questions or more information, please contact Cindy Winder at 970-563-0100, ext. 2301 and/or sobriety

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