Indigenous Talking Circle

Event Details

The Southern Ute Cultural Center and Museum in coordination with Fielding Graduate University is inviting interested tribal members, community members and tribal departments including the Boys and Girls club, Southern Ute Montessori Academy, Tribal Education, local schools, and the Cultural Department to attend an indigenous talking circle on November 18, 2013 in the large classroom and around the sacred fire.

The talking circle will be an approach to evaluate the ideas that have been developed through the “participatory action research project” as well as for planning activities in the Black Forest involving Ute sacred prayer trees.

Special projects at SUCCM may include how to involve the elders with the youth by hearing what collaborative ideas come up at the talking circle.

Our hope is that SUCCM will become a “hub for holistic lifelong learning” that will involve local, state wide, national funding groups and the tribal departments to meet the needs preserve and sustain Ute traditions, history and cultural education programs.

Future planning may include have special classes at the Community Center, SUCCM, and in the local schools depending on what direction SUCCM receives during the talking circle(s).

Please let us know if you are interested in attending in person or call 970-563-9583 for any questions.

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