SUIMA celebrates our Nuuchiu heritage and encouraged the children to wear their regalia on “Fancy Fridays.” Students and staff are seen wearing ribbon skirts and ribbon shirts after Council’s welcome.  
Council Member Dr. Stacey Oberly poses for a photo with her former student after the welcome and encouraging words for the upcoming academic year, Friday, Sept. 16.  
Photo Credit: Lindsay J. Box | Tribal Council Affairs
Photo Credit: Lindsay J. Box | Tribal Council Affairs
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Kwanachigani pɵˈɵkwatʉ  — Eagle’s Nest  

Daughters of the American Revolution donate school supplies 

 SUIMA had the good fortune of being the recipient of donated art supplies which were gathered by the Daughters of the American Revolution service group. Members of this group were mostly from the Denver area, with a few from Cortez.  

With the help of some parents, the many boxes were unloaded and distributed throughout the school. With the DAR group’s blessing, we were able to share some of the supplies with our sister tribes. Another donation that came our way, was a playhouse for our toddler level.  

Jeff Engman, Chief Information Office with Southern Ute Shared Services, and his group, donated the little house to our school after it was used on their Tribal Fair float. The toddlers have enjoyed opening the shutters and closing the door. All these wonderful items have helped bring a feeling of newness and excitement to the school.  

A big thank you goes out to Tyson Thompson, Jess Baidwan, and Andrew Gallegos and his crew, for bringing us our beautiful new nuughani (tipi) poles.  

With all of this going on, we also had the privilege of the Tribal Council visiting the students and welcoming them to this new school year. The students were encouraged to keep reading, use their Ute language, listen to their guides and teachers, and to let their parents know they love them. 

SUIMA School Board and Parent Advisory Group 

Our school board is meeting the first Tuesday of the month. Currently, they are having work sessions only and will be opening meetings to the public in the future. If you would like to contact the Board, go to our website: www.suima.org, click on the School Board tab, and submit your question, concern, or comment.  

Our PAG meetings will be the third Tuesday of every month. We are looking for fund raising ideas to help the upper elementary students fund an end of the year field trip. Family Nights have not yet been scheduled. If any SUIMA parents are interested in overseeing the activities for these nights, please contact the school.  

Nuu’apaghapi – Ute phrases and sentences  

  • ˈaghara’aqh tʉravach? How is the weather? 
  • Tavinikya’aqh. It’s sunny. 
  • Tari’i’aqh. It’s hot.  
  • ‘uwayaqh. It’s raining.  
  • ‘uwati’aqh. It’s cloudy.  

Upcoming events 

  • 9/23 – No school for students – Professional Development Day for staff
  • 10/4 – SUIMA School Board meeting
  • 10/10 – No school – Indigenous Peoples Day
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