During SUIMA’s PE class, Tuesday, March 8, Amethyst Weaver, a SUIMA Primary Three student, challenged herself to climb all the way to the top of the climbing wall at the SunUte Community Center. Congratulations Amethyst!
The upper elementary students took a field trip to Haviland Lake, Friday, March 11 to go snowshoeing. The weather was perfect for their outdoor adventures.
Neida Chackee, Cynthia Buckskin, Shawna Steffler, and Mari Jo Owens greet the sun, Friday, March 18, for the Sunrise Blessing at the school.
Photo Credit: Courtesy Daphnee Washington
Photo Credit: Fabian Martinez | The Southern Ute Drum
Photo Credit: Courtesy SUIMA
Photo Credit: Courtesy SUIMA
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Kwanachigani pɵˈɵkwatʉ – Eagle’s Nest

Walking into the classrooms and around the school has brought many smiles to the staff and adults that are here at SUIMA. At all levels, the students are busy learning and growing. The infants and toddlers are busy discovering the changes that occur with spring’s arrival. Splashing in puddles or standing under the water that falls from the school roofs is a favorite. The early childhood/primary students have been engaged in learning about dinosaurs and the habitat they lived in. The lower elementary students have been focusing on artists such as Van Gogh and Picasso as they work through the countries of Europe. The upper elementary have completed the story about a 10-year-old Ute girl named Wonsit – which was written by Kenneth Thomasma. Many cultural activities have surrounded the reading of this book.  

In April we will have our annual Book Fair – please look for information coming home as well as on our website. The K-6th students take their last benchmark assessments. I am confident there will be academic growth seen. This can be an exciting time of year.  

Tumiikukh kwanachiu – Eagles of the Week 

Tʉvʉchiu toghoyaqh: 

  • Krista Richards and Shiri Howell – for taking on the school pictures project. 
  • SunUte – for always thinking of our school and providing space for yoga, gym time, Tumbling Tots, swim lessons and collaborating with us for “water” words.
  • Ripple Effect Run Club – for bringing empowerment activities and words to help all of us become better humans. 
  • So. Ute Police Department – for joining us at lunch, the students have enjoyed getting to know you.  
  • So. Ute Natural Resources and Wildlife Department – for working with the older students on outdoor cooking and skills. 
  • Dancing Spirit – for bringing art to all the students. 

‘apagha nuu 

Our monthly Family Night will be held on April 12, with the topic being “BINGO in Ute.” The BINGO cards will be sent home prior to our activity. Look for the Family Night meeting link to be sent out that day during the lunch hour. Our current project to help the students and staff in their language growth is to encourage everyone to ask for breakfast and lunch food in complete sentences using all Ute.  

The kitchen staff, along with the Ute language staff, prepared for this as they have the food displayed in the kitchen area of the dining hall. Fancy Fridays are being enjoyed and many new ribbon skirts can be seen around school. With spring here, we are all looking forward to the first sound of thunder and the excitement of Bear Dance that the thunder brings.  

Nuu’apaghapi – Ute phrases  

Help your son or daughter practice learning how to ask for their food in Ute. Here are three simple sentences that can guide you. 

  • Nu táavi ˈasti – I would like milk. 
  • Nu wíisi ˈasti – I would like a banana.   
  • Nu kʉmʉy ˈasti – I would like corn. 
  • Contact the school for information regarding access to the Ute Dictionary.  

The younger aged classrooms continue to speak these simple commands to the students. Remember to check out Speak Ute Now, which is on our website, for the pronunciation of the letters.  

  • Tawamparʉgi – brush your teeth 
  • Kavamparʉgikwa – wash your face 
  • Mɵɵparʉgikwa – wash your hands 
  • Napantapaunag – put on your socks 
  • Napanpáchʉnag – put on your shoes 
  • Kiagway – go play 

Upcoming event 

  • March 29 – Parent Advisory Group meeting  
  • April 4-8 – Book Fair week
  • April 12 – Family Night – topic: Ute Bingo 
  • April 22 – No school – Professional Development for staff 
  • April 26 – Parent Advisory Group meeting 


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