Once a Bobcat, always a Bobcat

Hello to my Ute people back home in Ignacio.

My name is Marvin Pinnecoose and I would like to submit my name for Bobcat of the week in the Southern Ute Drum. The reason for this is because I am always proud to read about our elementary, mid-school, and high-school young adults who are making us proud. Being away from the reservation, our family has not had a great opportunity to grow up around the people that we grew up with as children.

I am and have always been proud to come out of the Ignacio School District (graduating class of 1992). Only recently have I been able to return to school to finish my degree at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. This past semester I was able to make the Dean’s Honor Roll with a G.P.A. of 4.0 and also qualify for the UNLV Lee Business School Medallion Program.

I hope join the ranks of the many examples of past, current, and future success stories in terms of education for our Ute people. We have many people who have graduated from college, trade schools, private institutions, and such.  We need to celebrate them and also encourage our current students who are in college and higher education to keep up the good work.  It is so refreshing to see our young educated youth doing good things whether it is in Ignacio, Bayfield, or Durango, or whether it is New York, Montana, or California. Let’s reach out and give support to ALL our students and our future. Each and every one of you inspire me. From the M.B.A.’s in graduate school and our Doctorates, all the way to our important leaders of tomorrow who are just finding their feet in the Halls of Ignacio and the local area.  I encourage ALL of our higher education participants and alumni to submit your name for Bobcat of the week. Let’s remind our students that good things lie ahead if they can keep pushing through.

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