SUIMA hosts “Round-up”

Guides from Toddler 3, Marilyn Olguin and Consuelo Cloud play with a student during SUIMA’s student Round Up.
Henry Whiteskunk plays with his kids, Cyana Whiteskunk and Henry Whiteskunk Jr at SUIMA’s infant student Round Up.
Shayne Roubideaux plays outside on the playground on Wednesday, Aug. 26 during SUIMA’s Round Up.
Trennie Collins | The Southern Ute Drum
Robert L. Ortiz | The Southern Ute Drum
Trennie Collins | The Southern Ute Drum

The annual “Round Up” at the Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy allows students a chance to go into their classrooms and get a feel for the environment while their parents get them registered for the school year.

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