Haire reports for duty

Navy recruit, Austin Haire
Haire, 19-years-old
The Boys & Girls club said their goodbyes to program aide and Navy recruit, Austin Haire from Ignacio. He has been a program aide since the beginning of the summer, and has been recently selected to serve with the Merchant Marines Academy for a service of five years. The club gathered at the SunUte Park on Friday, June 27, to give their respects. Group leaders provided cupcakes as treats for the kids.
Haire, 19-years-old, will begin his service in Kingspoint, NY, the location of the Merchant Marines Academy. Throughout his years, he will journey out to lands across the world. The Academy is one of five federal service academies in the United States. His favorite club activities included spending time fishing at Lake Capote, playing volleyball, and being there for the kids. Haire hopes to travel to South America during his service. Club members an option of tasty cupcakes as the kids said their farewells to Haire with hugs and thanks.
Damon Toledo | The Southern Ute Drum
Damon Toledo | The Southern Ute Drum

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